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NJBIA, the American Fuels Petrochemical Manufacturers and other entities are sharing the ability for the public to send automatic comments to EPA urge the agency not to allow for California’s gas car ban, which would ease New Jersey’s ability to have its own ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035.

Rejecting California’s petition to ban gas cars would also prevent New Jersey from adopting the same ban, as states can either adopt the EPA standard or California’s standard.   

To submit your comment by the Feb. 27 deadline, please click on this link.

Last year, the state of California asked President Biden for permission to move forward with banning sales of new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035.

Just after Christmas, the Biden administration quietly opened a comment period to grant California this permission.

This authorization has potential impacts across our country and can end up limiting consumer choice on personal vehicles.

As part of an NJBIA campaign last year, nearly 10,000 letters were sent to members of New Jersey’s Legislature asking them to step in to stop a DEP rule that will ultimately mandate what type of car residents can drive – and in some cases, if they can afford to drive.

Further, more than 100 business and labor groups asked the Legislature to step in. Groups representing minorities and lower-to-middle income residents publicly opposed, as did lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle.