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As reported last month, the business community was let down by passage of a bill that allows a presumption that certain essential employees contracted COVID-19 on the job and shifts the response costs onto New Jersey’s workers compensation system.

NJBIA lobbied hard against the bill, as it will force employers to shoulder increased premiums at a very difficult time, while irresponsibly leaving federal CARES Act money on the table that is specifically allocated to cover the costs of essential workers who do contract COVID-19 on the job.

The bill, as written, also does not limit the time to a presumption of contracting the illness to when New Jersey’s stay-at-home orders were in place.

The bill is now on Gov. Murphy’s desk and NJBIA is calling on members to ask him to veto the bill. So far, more than 800 NJBIA-member businesses have done so.

To take action and request the governor veto the bill, click here.

To better understand NJBIA’s objections to the bill and the amendments sought, click here.

To see how you’re legislator voted on the bill, click here.