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When the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) extended deadlines for public comment on certain permit applications, it created a need for new public notification language. Those language changes are now available.

Attorneys Ryan Benson and Agnes Antonian of Connell Foley explain it all in law firm’s latest blog post. (Connell Foley is NJBIA’s Employment Law Resource provider.)

“(DEP) has temporarily changed its standard public notice language for permits issued pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Rules, the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules, and the Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules,” they write.

The notice language needed to be changed because of the extended public comment periods in place during the pandemic and the closure of government offices, which made it difficult for the public to view permit applications before commenting on them.

“The specific notice language to be used has apparently not yet been posted on the NJDEP website, but can be obtained by contacting Ryan Benson (,” the post states.