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On this past weekend’s Minding Your Business on News 12+, NJBIA Deputy Chief Government Affairs Officer Ray Cantor discussed the many issues surrounding Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed ban on purchasing new gas-powered vehicles in New Jersey by 2035.

Cantor told host Bob Considine that there are multiple reasons why NJBIA and many New Jersey residents are opposed, including the feasibility of such a plan as it relates to infrastructure and grid power. He also noted that the economic impacts of the ban will take place well before 2035.

Affordability, both in the near term and long term, is the biggest concern, Cantor said.

“These cars are not currently affordable, and their prices are going up,” Cantor said. “And as a result, not only are EVs and new cars going to be more expensive, but used cars and gas-powered cars will be more expensive, too.

“There are a lot of people, especially low- and moderate-income people, seniors, students, who are just not going to be able to afford these cars and ultimately won’t be able to afford to drive at all.”

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