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Virtual Meeting June 13 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Paradigm Marketing and Design Email Website

Tools, Strategies, and Insights

You’ve been hearing about it everywhere, and its global market revenues, which already hover in the billions of dollars, are expected to almost triple over the next five years. It can improve the efficiency of your business by up to 40% while reducing operational costs by up to 30% (1). We’re talking about artificial intelligence (AI).

Over 91% of leading businesses make investing in AI on an ongoing basis a priority. As its popularity increases, 35% of companies report they are currently using it and 42% of companies say they are looking into using it in the future. (2) And 34% of customers spend more on their products and services when a company utilizes AI. (3)

With statistics like that, it’s no wonder why global market revenues for AI in marketing are expected to grow from 27.4 billion dollars this year to 107.4 billion in 2028. (4)

What is AI and how can you use it to save money and run your business more efficiently and effectively? What tools should you use, and which should you avoid?

Join us for this virtual event where our experts will break down the pros and cons of AI tools that can support your marketing efforts, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Lead scoring
  • Design
  • Data management and reporting
  • Lead generation
  • Notetaking
  • Data entry

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Business owners and leaders
  • Operations professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals

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